G2 Essential Pant

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Vanish-Pro™ Leafy 3/4 Face Mask

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ASAT Vanish Pro Leafy suit

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Highwood Hoody

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ASAT Brown Logo Hat - Structure

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The rabbit, deer, elk, and moose are what color?  Brown....Exactly! If green were such a good camo color the good lord would have made these animals green. The next time you're in a sporting goods store look at the clothing…

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Great camo. I switched a few years ago and have not regretted it. The 3d vanish suit was a game changer for me. I've never had so many animals get so close. The deer seem to look right through me. I even had a hawk try to land on me because it had no clue I was in the tree. I feel like I can hunt anywhere in any condition and still blend in.

- Steven Hisey