Suppressor Laundry Detergent

Trophy Blend’s Suppressor Laundry Detergent cleans, eliminates, and suppresses returning odors in all types of outdoor clothing. This detergent is “enzyme free”, guaranteed to be residue and odor free, and is UV Brightener free, ensuring that you will not alert game on your next hunt. No residue means that high-tech outdoor clothing can look and perform like new, restoring wicking and breathability properties, as well as repairing odor control carbon and silver systems that are built into high-tech fabrics that can be clogged by residues left behind from contaminating washes. This highly concentrated formula requires only one cap full (1 oz.) per load, and requires only one rinse cycle, meaning your dollar will go further this hunting season. Safe to use in High-Efficiency washing machines! Contains no bleach, phosphates, or fabric softeners.

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